Titleist 915 D2 Driver

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With a 460cc pear profile providing confidence and stability, the 915D2 delivers higher trajectory and more dynamic face closure versus 915D3.


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The Titleist 915D2 driver features the new Active Recoil Channel (ARC) which is a side sole channel the delivers more distance by actively flexing at impact to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin. Additionally it features a new face called the Radial Speed Face, high MOI head design and the SureFit Tour hosel technology, which allows the player to make independent loft and lie adjustments for the most precise fit possible. The clubhead features a rich black finish and delivers a superior sound and feel unlike any other. This driver features a pear shape head design and is slightly larger at 460cc and delivers a slightly higher launch angle and spin rate as compared to the 440cc 915D3 driver.

Solid feel and sound


  • ACTIVE RECOIL CHANNEL™ -The wide sole channel delivers more distance by actively flexing at impact to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin.
  • RADIAL SPEED FACE – The high speed face insert with a thick center and radially thin perimeter in the heel and toe delivers more distance on off-center hits.
  • HIGH MOI DESIGN – Reduced thickness up front allows weight to be strategically placed in the back, resulting in a low and deep CG that provides ball speed preserving forgiveness.
  • SUREFIT® TOUR HOSEL – 16 unique loft and lie combinations deliver the most precise fit available.

Specification: Titleist 915 D2 Driver

Part Number

01TM1020 9D FUJ R, 101914, 10242654, 10255297, 1030117-04, 11012016, 11034316, 11041117, 11049017, 11180967, 12404, 14063, 14551, 15922, 15980, 16TC5608M, 192401-03-9.5 M US, 2017 e6 Soft White, 210712.RSS3.01.5610, 210742.RSS3.01.5412, 210800.RGGE.01.1150, 210850.RSS3.01.6010, 3292639, 3433, 4000, 42210360A237-cr, 424556101150B6, 4333910112, 4333910284, 4341214364, 4347378772, 4350117632, 43511-122496, 4351517952, 4A051504C237, 4A061504C237-cr, 4A080305C237, 4A869005E300, 4A871503E200, 4A871505E300, 4PKR190612067, 4PKR190714007, 4PKR190816067, 633RG6S95, 634RG2R165, 64212551220, 7111-G-CAN, 73075952535SS2, 73080452535-cr, 733RA35, 748252427137, 75RU000, 760778083017, 7EWX6D, 840254122185, 8472767, 849009002765, 8530219-03, 881978182017, 881978182666, A44040, A44082, B1215407, B1224007, B1238507, B1241607, B1244507, B1245209, B1247909, B1600601, BT1601, DFSP01, Does Not Apply, G-P18BB134S, G0467517, G0482001, GAGPSSS, GDIWXC6-S-TM19, impact-right, KG11, M2657105, M2730327, MTB Black, N1146507, N1166309, N1185009, N1190507, N3IRSU58, N6342909, NSGOLF–6PK, NX7PRO, P2CTWBK, PGF4980, S0040484, SC300, T0040109, T2025S, T2045S-H, theHanger-Right, U0GB1WS9, unknown, VPRO500, W0020618, WGD615600, WGGC43000, WGGC69000




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