Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid

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Titleist 818 H2 Hybrids are engineered for golfers with a steeper deliver to the ball who prefer the look of an iron. Player preferred launch, precise distance and iron-like control positions the Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid as a scoring club, not a rescue club

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The Titleist 818 hybrids feature SureFit CG weight along with SureFit Hosel adjustability to give you maximum shot shape control. The Active Recoil Channel 2.0 generates faster ball speed to produce a significant advantage in carry distance making the 818 Titleist’s longest, most consistent hybrid ever. The optimally positioned, deep CG offers more forgiveness and stability while the SureFit Hosel provides 16 independent loft and lie settings to optimize consistent center-face contact. The 818 H1 hybrid is for players with a sweeping delivery to the ball and prefer the look of a fairway metal. High launch, easy distance, and tremendous forgiveness position the H1 as a scoring club, not a rescue clubs.


  • Larger, fairway wood-like profile, is very forgiving and ideal for a sweeping swing path
  • SureFit CG port on the sole carries an interchangeable weight that helps dial in ball flight
  • Active Recoil Channel 2.0: Longer and wider design generates more ball speed and consistent distance
  • Improved MOI and deeper CG location for easier launch and more forgiveness than previous model
  • SureFit hosel has 16 loft/lie settings to further optimize ball flight, spin, and distance

Specification: Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid

Part Number

01TM1020 9D FUJ R, 101914, 10242654, 10255297, 1030117-04, 11012016, 11034316, 11041117, 11049017, 11180967, 12404, 14063, 14551, 15922, 15980, 16TC5608M, 192401-03-9.5 M US, 2017 e6 Soft White, 210712.RSS3.01.5610, 210742.RSS3.01.5412, 210800.RGGE.01.1150, 210850.RSS3.01.6010, 3292639, 3433, 4000, 42210360A237-cr, 424556101150B6, 4333910112, 4333910284, 4341214364, 4347378772, 4350117632, 43511-122496, 4351517952, 4A051504C237, 4A061504C237-cr, 4A080305C237, 4A869005E300, 4A871503E200, 4A871505E300, 4PKR190612067, 4PKR190714007, 4PKR190816067, 633RG6S95, 634RG2R165, 64212551220, 7111-G-CAN, 73075952535SS2, 73080452535-cr, 733RA35, 748252427137, 75RU000, 760778083017, 7EWX6D, 840254122185, 8472767, 849009002765, 8530219-03, 881978182017, 881978182666, A44040, A44082, B1215407, B1224007, B1238507, B1241607, B1244507, B1245209, B1247909, B1600601, BT1601, DFSP01, Does Not Apply, G-P18BB134S, G0467517, G0482001, GAGPSSS, GDIWXC6-S-TM19, impact-right, KG11, M2657105, M2730327, MTB Black, N1146507, N1166309, N1185009, N1190507, N3IRSU58, N6342909, NSGOLF–6PK, NX7PRO, P2CTWBK, PGF4980, S0040484, SC300, T0040109, T2025S, T2045S-H, theHanger-Right, U0GB1WS9, unknown, VPRO500, W0020618, WGD615600, WGGC43000, WGGC69000




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