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Who Makes Kirkland Wedges?

1 year ago
A while back, we wrote a review about Kirkland wedges.  They aren’t the most technologically advanced wedges out there, but they’re a quality …

Golf Club Distances: How Far?

1 year ago
The rules of golf allow you to carry up to 14 clubs in your bag.  As such, logic reasons that each club goes a different distance. As …

Inside Out Golf Swing

1 year ago
The dreaded slice.  You know the shot we’re talking about; the one that starts out left of the target and curves clear across the fairway into …

How to Hit Hybrids?

2 years ago
Since the invention of the sand wedge, no technological breakthrough changed the game more than the hybrid.  All of a sudden, those three and …

Regular Flex vs. Stiff Flex

2 years ago
At Golfer’s Authority, we’re always stressing the importance of playing with equipment that fits your game and swing.  And we spend a lot of …

What Golf Grip Size Should I Use?

2 years ago
Out of all the golf equipment you need to play your best golf, your grips might be the most overlooked part of the equation.  Our Golfer’s …

What to Wear to Topgolf?

2 years ago
We’re back at it with our latest installment about TopGolf.  In this edition, we’re going to discuss what to wear.  Maybe you’re used …
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