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My collection of Swing Juice apparel has only continued to grow since they sent the first couple items.  I am completely in love with who this company is and what they represent.

If you’re reading this article, we can assume you’re a golf enthusiast.  Chances are, you don’t mind showing off your love for the game either.  Maybe you’re that guy that wears his TaylorMade hat out to dinner.  Or you’re not afraid to go grocery shopping your spikes on your way home after a round.  In short, you secretly kind of like it when someone looks at you and thinks ”that guy’s a golfer.” 

Just because you’re a golf nut, however, doesn’t mean you have to wear all the traditional garb to flaunt your identity. 

That’s precisely the thinking of the golf apparel company, Swing Juice. 


Jon Mason has been a creative visionary his whole life.  In 2014, he had the realization that you don’t have to be boring and stuffy to be a golf fan.  That ah-ha moment was the start of what would soon become the Swing Juice golf and lifestyle clothing company. 

Today, the company makes apparel that allows you to show your love for golf in an approachable, fun-loving way that’s a far cry from collared shirts and pleated pants. 

Truly an everyman’s brand, Swing Juice’s lines feature casual wear with creative phrases and designs that speak to people who love the game of golf.  This isn’t the type of apparel you’ll be wearing on the first tee at your grandfather’s country club.  Instead, it’s the perfect garb for a night out with the boys, a trip to the store, or any social function where the vibes are fun and inclusive. 

Key Features

  • Numerous lifestyle collections for both men and women feature plenty of styles and sizes.  Finding the perfect piece of clothing to express who you are is never a problem.
  • Plenty of additional accessories allow you to proudly rep your Swing Juice gear wherever you go. 
  • The community is inclusive and interactive so you’re never far away from other Swing Juice enthusiasts. 

Who Should Buy Swing Juice Golf Apparel?

In the Swing Juice community, everyone is welcome without judgement.  It’s in that vein that their apparel is truly meant for anyone that embraces creativity, individuality, and the game of golf.

If casual, comfortable, and golf speak to who you are, there’s no better family to be a part of than Swing Juice. 

Swing Juice Golf Apparel Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Swing Juice apparel and accessories are designed with the utmost comfort, style, and longevity in mind.  To that end, they incorporate only the finest materials and careful craftsmanship you expect from any reputable clothing manufacturer. 


All apparel from Swing Juice is meant to be inclusive.  That’s why you’ll find all collections, men’s and women’s alike, with a wide array of sizes and styles to fit just about anybody. 

Our Experience

My collection of Swing Juice apparel has only continued to grow since they sent the first couple items.  I am completely in love with who this company is and what they represent.

If I’m out and about, there’s more than a likely chance I’ll be repping a piece of Swing Juice apparel. 

What continues to amaze me is how many comments and questions I receive about the swag I’m wearing.  It never bothers me, either.  It’s with a sense of pride that I continue to tell people about who the Swing Juice brand is and what they’re about.  I’m a fan for life and have no doubt they’ll continue to put out positive vibes for a long time to come.

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Swing Juice Apparel Review
Swing Juice Golf Apparel

My collection of Swing Juice apparel has only continued to grow since they sent the first couple items.  I am completely in love with who this company is and what they represent.

  • Creative designs and verbiage allow golfers to fly their flag without exuding the appearance of being pretentious or stuffy.
  • Quality materials ensure that apparel lasts a long time when properly cared for.
  • Frequent product cycles mean that there’s always something new and fresh to satisfy your appetite.
  • There doesn’t appear to any way to personally customize apparel.
  • Price points are moderately higher than other, similar brands.
  • Shipping times can vary depending on product availability and can take longer during the holiday season due to increased demand.


I’m a huge fan of golf brands, courses, culture, and communities that are inclusive and promote individuality.  That’s precisely what the Swing Juice brand embodies, and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of their family. 

In an era of divisiveness and polarity, Swing Juice has remained rooted in its values and ideals.  Community, inclusivity, creativity, and a come-as-you-are mentality continue to be the corner posts of who this brand is and what they’re about.  That’s why you, as you are, are welcome with open arms to the Swing Juice community.

If you haven’t checked out the Swing Juice brand, you should.  Not only will you be able to find a like-minded community of golf enthusiasts, chances are you’ll find yourself becoming part of a special family before you know it.

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