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The Mokom golf gloves give players a new alternative to full leather alternatives. Players that use a golf glove on their dominate hand should be using gloves that maximize feel and response, like the Mokom golf gloves. Golfers suffering from skin conditions or arthritic pain can benefit in both comfort and performance with the natural touch and protection of the Mokom glove. In conclusion, I could not recommend this product enough to players that use two gloves to play golf.  Hey guys, our friends at Mokum are hooking our readers up and giving you 10% off your order by using the code “gaspecial” at check out . This is the lowest price you’ll see anywhere online or in stores, which is a real steal.


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Mokom is introducing golfers to a new connection to their golf club. Mokom Glove’s premium golf glove blends the player’s natural touch with hi-tech grip technology to bring golfers closer to their equipment. A proprietary manufacturing process gives each glove precision-cut hole patterns in black textured polyurethane coated stretchable knit fabric, strong durable stitching, and premium Cabretta leather. Mokom golf gloves are well ventilated and extra durable for long life and comfortable play, especially during summer rounds. Golfers looking for improved feel and performance can find an improved connection with Mokom’s newest offering.

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Last Amazon price update was: May 27, 2023 4:07 am
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Key Features

  • Precision cut hole patterns give golfers more natural feel combined with a premium Cabretta leather glove for a hi-tech grip.
  • The unique blend of stretchable knit fabric and air ventilation ensure that golfers hands remain dry and their control is maximized throughout the entire round.
  • Cabretta leather make the Mokom gloves ultra-soft and luxurious in feel and appearance.
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Mokom Golf Glove Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Mokom has set out to give golfers a new way to control their golf clubs. The Mokom golf glove is uniquely designed to be used tee-to-green and on both hands. This innovative golf glove gives players the benefit of more natural touch with every club in their bag. Players looking to increase feel around the greens, but need the protection of gloves during chipping and putting, get the best of both worlds with the hi-tech grip and precision natural touch. Golfers that struggle keeping their hands dry or suffer from skin diseases can ultimately gain control, comfort, and performance due to the stretchable knit fabric and optimized openings.

I took the Mokom golf gloves to the range and through an entire three rounds of golf. In total, I took over 400 swings in these innovative gloves, including chips, pitches, and putts. The premium presentation of these gloves stood out to me immediately from the packaging. Mokom excelled at delivering a premium golf glove that was unlike anything I had experienced before. I loved the durability and ventilation during my range and practice sessions. On the course, I enjoyed the enhanced response on all my shots, tee-to-green.

Having played full Cabretta golf gloves for several years, I was interested to see how the Mokom golf gloves compared. I loved the sensation of the natural touch in my lower hand during my range practice session with the added protection of the golf glove. I would fully recommend these gloves to anyone that struggles with excessive sweating or that plays with a glove on their dominant hand, right hands for golfers and left hands for left-handed golfers. Overall, Mokom delivers on their promise to give golfers more awareness of their connection to the golf club and gives golfers a great alternative to traditional glove offerings.

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The Mokom golf glove is available in both left- and right-hand options and in single and double glove packs. Each glove is made in sizes small to xx-large. I typically wear a size Medium-Large (ML) golf glove and fit perfectly into the Large Mokom glove. Golfer may need to go slightly larger in size due to the “natural-fit.”


Mokom gives golfers a better option for players seeking to wear gloves on both hands or that struggle with adverse conditions. Golfers that want to enjoy the game but suffer from skin conditions such as excessive sweating, psoriasis, arthritis, vitiligo, or Raynaud’s Syndrome may find relief and performance improvements with the Mokom golf gloves. Players comfortable with traditional golf gloves may find too much difference in feel to justify the switch but should consider trying these gloves as they offered me advantages in specific situations. The proprietary manufacturing process gives this glove an unrivaled combination of natural feel, enhanced performance, and outstanding aesthetics.

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Mokom Breathable Leather Black/White Left Hand Small Golf Glove



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Height: 100, Length: 800, Weight: 20, Width: 600



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UPC List Element: 709951626016


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