McEwans Golf Hats

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Choosing to wear a hat is often made in convenience. For those that are tired of the stagnant nature in golf fashion however, McEwan Golf has a superior answer. Golfers looking to commemorate some of their personal favorite moments like Tiger at the Ryder Cup, the celebration of Augusta National in April or the iconic logos of your home course, can find some of the most thoughtful and well-constructed designs with McEwan Golf. The guys at McEwan Golf are taking care of our readers up by giving them 10% Off your order, be sure to use GA10 at Checkout and click this link


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McEwans Golf Hats
McEwans Golf Hats


Golf is a game with a rich history and many iconic images. McEwan Golf is looking to highlight that history with innovative creations and superior quality headwear for golf fans and players. McEwan Golf is rooted in the ideals that golf is a game that should be shared and celebrated for its competition and friendly collaboration. Each McEwan golf hat has originated as a creative design from Diego Castro, the founder of McEwan Golf, the McEwan golf team or from iconic golf images around the globe. Golf Course logos, player reflections, and state colors have all been expressed to create one-of-a-kind designs that elicit expressions of: “Where did you get that hat!?” And “Where can I get one!?” 

Key Features

  • Every design symbolize a hallmark of golf history or creative influences of the most recognizable images in golf.  
  • Various hat styles allow each golfer to choose a fit and profile that they enjoy wearing as much as they enjoy looking at.  
  • Collaborative and custom designs are available to make a McEwan golf hat uniquely yours.  

The McEwan Story

From the Founder

Diego Castro initially began McEwan golf after taking up the sport later in his life. Like many of us, Diego was an avid sports fan and athlete in other sports. After numerous injuries derailed his soccer career, Diego was in need of competition in a more sustainable form. After being introduced to golf by some of his friends, Diego’s obsession began. He began collecting golf hats and devoting his free time to improving his own game. Quickly, he was frustrated by the lack of ingenuity in the golf hat industry. Each time he was eager to purchase a new hat he was met with similar designs and iterative logos that were just like everything he already had.

McEwan was born to show off the best that golf has to offer. Creative designs met with awe and hats that feel as great to wear, as they look. Diego quickly realized how many stories could be told through his design and how many fans were looking to walk the grounds of famous PGA Tour events with golf hats that reflected their style and passion for the game.

Our Experience

As fans of golf, it is easy to look at each McEwan hat and be impressed with the design. Having worn several different models available under the McEwan umbrella, I can attest to their level of comfort and fit customization that is a necessity in performance apparel. Each hat held up under intense heat scenarios and still fit comfortably after several hours of practice, testing, and play.


The idea of collaborating with McEwan Golf to create a golf hat that reflects some of my favorite courses or memories I have accumulated could be truly special. The thought of having a unique hat to commemorate my honeymoon round at Kapalua is something that cannot be found with larger or less personal hat and apparel companies. While it is still a hat, the creative prowess of Diego and his team bring some of our favorite images to life and make golf just a bit more fun.

Mcewan Golf


Many of the hats offered by McEwan Golf run in limited quantities for each design. Custom orders are available and can be discussed with Diego and his team. Snap back, flex fit, performance flex, and dad hats are some of the models available through their website. Visors are also available in limited styles. 


McEwan Golf is highlighting the best parts of golf nostalgia and history into images that speak to large variety of golf fans and players. We love the McEwan hats and are eager to see ways that we can collaborate to make some of our personal favorites in golf into immortalized creations with Diego and his Team. We too are tired of the stale images of scripted logos and ill-fitting hats that inspired Diego to begin McEwan Golf and we have replaced our collection with one-of-a-kind designs that celebrate our unique style in golf. 



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