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The idea for making headcovers started in 2019. Once the golf season ended in Wisconsin we went to work. With the cold weather keeping us indoors we were able to put all of our energy into creating something special. We tested different materials, varying shapes, and a multitude of sizes. Once we were happy with the overall design the construction process was tweaked and refined.​ The result is headcovers you will love! The best part is Fringe has a 14 day satisfaction guarantee. So if you are not 100% satisfied with your headcovers for any reason, Fringe will gladly refund your money or exchange the headcover for another one. How is that for backing up your product!


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Golf headcovers have become a way to represent your favorite brands or make your golf bag a personal reflection of yourself. Fringe Golf is creating bold headcover designs for golfers looking to add more flair to their golf bag. More than just an aesthetic addition to your golf bag, Fringe covers are designed to stay in place and deliver a luxurious feel. Custom covers are available as well as stock driver, fairway, and hybrid headcovers. 

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Key Features

  • Fringe Golf headcovers are handcrafted with plush materials that make them easy to take on and off but stay in place when not being used.
  • Custom headcovers are available so every golfer can get exactly what they want for their fairway metals and hybrids.
  • Aiming to stand out, Fringe headcovers are eye catching and appeal to a wide range of golf ages.

Who Should Buy Fringe Golf Headcovers?

Choosing a specific style for your golf bag is something many players overlook. Simply using the OEM headcovers that come with your clubs is always an option but is it really the best option? Fringe covers are for the golfer looking to distinguish themselves all while keeping their clubs protected at the range and on the course. 

Fringe Golf Headcovers Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Fringe Golf headcovers are made in Wisconsin and born from a love of the sport. Designed from the visions of a golf caddy, Fringe covers help protect your clubs with luxurious materials and a bold style. The diversity of patterns and colors of Fringe headcovers will provide something for everyone.


Fringe Golf headcovers are available in three sizes, Driver, Fairway Wood, and Hybrid. Custom covers are available for purchase via the Fringe Golf website. Stock headcovers can also be embroidered with personalized options such as names or logos.

Our Experience

Fringe Golf was kind enough to provide custom Golfers Authority headcovers for our team. Driver, fairway wood, and hybrid covers came quickly. Each cover is made with excellent attention to detail and a bold aesthetic. My favorite is the custom driver cover with the logo pattern. The Tropical vibes of the other covers are eye catching and continue to be a talking point of my golf bags.


Fringe Golf headcovers are a great way to express a bold splash of color in your golf bag. Fringe covers fit well on clubs including drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. Custom options make a great choice for players that want to support their favorite teams or use their own logos. The bold styles of Fringe Golf are eye catching and sure to make a statement in years to come.


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