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Paying for another item in your golf bag can be a stretch for some golfers. New clubs, driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and putter almost always come with a matching club cover so needing a new one is only likely when things become misplaced or your current cover is damaged or old. Dormie Workshops excel at creating elegant club covers that offer more style and functionality than standard models. However, this benefit of fashion and versatility will need to be weighed next to your golfing budget and how much a cover will likely not impact your ability to play the game well. Although not necessary, Dormie covers can bring joy to the people that buy them and make an unmistakable gift. 

Dormie Workshop Headcovers
Dormie Workshop Headcovers


Golf is a fantastic game that is celebrated all over the world. Custom accessories often embody some of golfs greatest moments and allow players to express their unique experiences within the game as part of their equipment or collections. One of the most distinguished brands in the golf accessory space is Dormie Workshops. Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Dormie specializes in handcrafted leather products for avid golf fans and beyond. Dormie Workshops enables consumers to be a part of their own experience and have a hand in creating custom club covers for themselves or loved one or chose from a selection of popular stock items. Dormie covers provide your clubs with necessary protection along with a diverse set of style and functionality. 

Dormie Headcovers

Key Features

  • Custom options allow golfers of all types to get exactly the cover they are looking for while being able to give additional input on their own design.  
  • Stock covers are available to allow players to commemorate their favorite teams, courses, and other moments with superior quality and realism.  
  • Dormie Workshop covers can be purchased online or at select pro shops and Golf Galaxy locations. Custom orders should be set up via email and can be verified before final purchase.  

Dormie Workshop Headcovers Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Creating handcrafted leather golf accessories is the hallmark of the Dormie Workshop. Each cover is made from premium materials and can be supplemented with various levels of ornate details and complexities. The possibilities of Dormie covers are limited only by user imagination. Names, initials and personal logos can all become part of your Dormie Workshop experience by design of a custom cover. Logos and names are trademark limited however so various professional and collegiate sports teams, movies, and brands are replaced with inspired designs such as the G.O.A.T 23 (Michael Jordan) and the G.O.A.T 12 (Tom Brady).

Our Experience

For our review Dormie provided stock cover options. In terms of material design, stitching, and overall quality their covers are remarkable. Inside and out, the look of each cover is distinguished and thoughtful. The variety of sizes available at Dormie Workshop allowed us to cover multiple clubs with versatile functionality and added style. As custom golf club covers become a larger part of the sport and of personal expression, it is difficult to think that Dormie Workshop will soon fall out of style.

Dormie Headcovers


Dormie Workshop covers are available in sizes that fit driver, fairway woods, and hybrids. Each cover will gradually take the shape of the club it is placed on so the fit will become improved over time. Each cover price will depend on the material construct and details that surround the exterior. Person custom options will impact these prices as well. While stock covers are always available and can be found in select golf stores, custom order will typically take around 4 weeks to produce.


Golf accessories by nature are subjective to each consumer and should always be thought about as unique additions to your golf bag. They do however have a subtle place in protection and performance as well. If you are thinking about adding a custom cover to your bag, ensure that you place your design in the hands of trusted professionals that take care over details such as stitching and material textures as they will have a significant impact on durability and fit. Dormie Workshop has positioned themselves as one of the world leaders in terms of fabrication, design, and craftsmanship in the golf club cover industry. Their team of thoughtful designers can help you get a perfect cover to match your favorite elements within the game of golf and beyond.

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