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With so much technology packed into a driver that will help any golfer reduce or eliminate their slice, while producing longer and straighter tee shots, the Cobra Max Driver is the perfect club for the budget-conscious golfer looking for the very best in forgiveness and distance and who value a simple, non-adjustable design. If you’re new to the game, or fighting a slice and you need a club to do some of the work for you, then adding the Cobra Max Driver to your bag will help tremendously!

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The Cobra Max Driver was designed for the golfer who needs all the help they can get. For years, Cobra has been the leading name in clubs designed to help any golfer who struggles with their ball flight to hit consistently better shots and have more fun, and this driver is one of the best they’ve ever designed. No matter if you’re brand new to the game and need help producing straighter drives, or you find yourself constantly battling a slice. The Cobra Max Driver was designed with the mid-to-high handicapper in mind at a price that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Key Features

  • As with most game improvement clubs, the Cobra Max Driver starts with an offset hosel, which makes squaring the clubface at impact easier than with a standard hosel setting. Paired with a 460cc club head, you’ll have confidence that every tee shot is going to be a good one.  
  • The Cobra Max Driver has a large, forgiving face thanks to its speed channel technology. This trench allows the manufacturer to make the face thinner, which increases flex in all parts of the face. More flex means more distance no matter where you make contact on the club face.  
  • Zone Weighting helps the Cobra Max Driver optimize the center of gravity for maximum distance. By removing weight from the crown and placing it down and back on the sole of the club, the result is optimal launch with lower spin, the perfect recipe for incredible distance.
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Cobra Max Driver Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The Cobra Max driver is chock full of features that make hitting from the tee easy for all players, but especially for the mid-to-high handicapper looking for all the help they can get. Starting with the largest possible club head, you’ll quickly notice how much space you have to make contact with the golf ball. When you’re needing confidence, knowing there’s plenty of surface area to make the ball fly a long way is a step in the right direction.

The Cobra Max Driver is designed to help those of you who fight a slice, which happens to be 90 percent of all golfers. The most profound way this driver helps you is with its offset hosel, which places the clubface behind the shaft about a centimeter. At address, it may look a little awkward, but the results can amaze you. The offset hosel gives the Cobra Max Driver a huge draw bias and helps the club square faster than a standard driver. It won’t take long to see your slice diminish and your drives going longer and straighter.

There are plenty of clubs on the market that boast game improvement features, but the Cobra Max Driver has the technology to back it up. The technology begins with the Speed Channel, which is a thin trench that wraps around the perimeter of the clubface. The trench enhances the trampoline effect, with faster flexing and release of energy. This helps you reach your maximum distance potential, even on off-center hits.

The Cobra Max Driver utilizes Zone Weighting as their way of bringing the center of gravity low and back, which is the key for a high launch with less spin. A light crown allows the manufacturer to move weight to the bottom and back of the head, bringing you the perfect blend of carry and roll every time you tee it up.

Cobra Max Driver
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Cobra Max Driver Review
Cobra Max Driver

With so much technology packed into a driver that will help any golfer reduce or eliminate their slice, while producing longer and straighter tee shots, the Cobra Max Driver is the perfect club for the budget-conscious golfer looking for the very best in forgiveness and distance and who value a simple, non-adjustable design. If you're new to the game, or fighting a slice and you need a club to do some of the work for you, then adding the Cobra Max Driver to your bag will help tremendously!

Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance
  • The most forgiving and easiest to hit drivers you can find on the market
  • Perfect for the beginning golfer to gain confidence off the tee
  • Built for the chronic slicer in mind, the club is designed to make the ball fly straight
  • No adjustability features, so it will require a fitting to maximize results
  • Offset hosel may be off-putting for some at address
  • Won't appeal to anyone looking for versatile ball flights off the tee, the ball flys straight


The Cobra Max Driver comes in lofts of 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5 degrees, each sporting a 460cc club head.

The Matrix White Tie 55×4 is the stock shaft, and comes in Lite (weighing 55 grams), Regular (weighing 59 grams) and Stiff (weighing 66 grams) flexes. Each driver comes with the Cobra Max Lamkin Rel grip.


The Cobra Max Driver is a player-friendly golf club perfect for those who need a little help getting the ball in play off the tee. Although it’s designed for the mid-to-high handicapper, it’s a great club at an affordable price that anyone who’s struggling with their driver – and we all do from time to time. What it lacks in the adjustability features that are so common in most modern drivers, it more than makes up for it with it’s spring-like clubface and draw-bias offset, giving you a great chance to hit that beautiful, yet often elusive, draw. If you’re looking for an easy-to-hit driver that makes your misses longer and straighter, the Cobra Max Driver is for you.

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How Does the Cobra Max Driver Compare?

Cobra F-Max Driver

The Cobra F-Max Driver is one of the lightest and easiest hit drivers ever made, and is one of the best max game improvement drivers on the market today. Designed for players with moderate to slow club head speeds that want more forgiveness and distance, the Cobra F-Max Driver is extremely lightweight and easy to hit. When designing the F-Max Driver, Cobra focused on the concept that lighter means easier to hit, and they went to incredible great lengths to make this happen. The Cobra F-Max Driver features an ultra-lightweight shaft, an offset hosel design that creates higher launch with draw bias for straighter shots, a forged titanium face insert that helps to deliver greater speed and distance on mis-hits, and a back-weight position near the heal of the club that helps to promote a more forgiving and accurate shot. The Cobra F-Max Driver is designed for an easy launch, straighter shots, and greater balls speed and is an ideal club for players with higher handicaps, or with slow to moderate swing speed, looking to improve their performance.

Callaway XR Driver

The Callaway XR Driver is an amazing club that is not only light weight and forgiving but has been designed to provide players with exceptional ball speeds off the tee. The XR Driver is the first club in the new XR line, which has been chosen by Callaway to replace the extremely popular X2 Hot. Combining cutting edge technology, an aerodynamic head, thinner face, and maximizing the shaft load, Callaway has delivered a club that will give forgiveness and distance to golfers for years to come. There is no doubt that the XR driver has exceeded all expectations, as evidence by receiving the highest rating of Gold in the 2015 Golf Digest Hot list. The Callaway XR Driver is a great mid-level priced club that is perfect for the high to mid handicap player looking to swing faster, generate more ball speed, and hit longer drives.

GX7 Golf Club

The GX7 Golf Club is amazing little club, even though it is “As Seen on TV”. We all know that the hardest part of golf is being consistent, especially when we are hitting off of the tee box. That is why the pros are the pros, and we are amateurs. But have you ever wondered if the reason why you are not consistent when hitting off the tee box is because you are using the same golf club that the pros use, and not a golf club made for amateurs. Well this is the exact theory behind the GX7 Golf Club. A golf club made for amateurs that provides the hitting consistency of a pro. So if you can get over the fact that the GX7 is a “As Seen on TV” Golf Club, you might be amazed by what this little club can do. The GX7 Golf Club is a great driver for a high handicap golfer looking to improve their game both on and off the tee box. 

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Cobra-Puma Golf


Cobra Men's 2018 F-Max Offset Driver Black-Gold, Right Hand, Graphite, 10.5, degrees, Regular



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