Best Golf Courses in Boston

If there’s a city that owns its identity more than Boston, I haven’t heard of it.  The people that call it home are a proud tribe and they’ll let you know all about it in a big way.  Not to mention that you know a Boston accent as soon as you hear it.

While the people are what ultimately make this place so special, it’s the history, culture, sports, and of course, golf as well.

It’s been a few years since I was in Boston with my sticks in tow, but I have nothing but fond memories.  And it turns out a lot of our readers are passionate about Boston golf as well.

Below is a list of the best public courses you can play.

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Granite Links is home to 27 of the most spectacular holes to be found in the Northeast. 

This is modern links golf.  The fairways are mostly wide open, so finding the short stuff shouldn’t be a problem. 

The course’s features are big and pronounced.  Large mounding, ample hazards, and expansive undulating greens present the real challenge. 

It can get windy out here too.  If you play in the afternoon, expect to hit clubs from yardages you normally wouldn’t.

If you’re looking to test your skills and creativity, there’s no going wrong with Granite Links.



Pembroke Country Club

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Pembroke Country Club was designed by Philip A. Wogan all the way back in 1973. 

Like a lot of older designs, accuracy is more useful than length around this track.  The fairways are lined by magnificent conifers that eat up errant shots. 

The greens are on the smaller side as well.  Most slop from back to front.  In the summer, they are firm and fast.  Trying to save par from above the hole is stressful at best. 

If you appreciate old school designs and want to test every club in your bag, Pembroke Country Club is the spot.




Quail Ridge Country Club

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Even though Quail Ridge Country Club is only nine holes, it’s a local’s favorite. 

The natural beauty of this course is a sight to behold.  Built in concert with a lush forest, beauty can be found around every corner at Quail Ridge.

As you might expect, the fairways are narrow here, so accuracy is again key.  Missing fairways is a quick recipe for a high score. 

The greens are tricky too.  Their subtle breaks can baffle even the most adept putters. 

Everyone should play this course at least once.




South Shore Country Club

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One of the most historic courses in the Boston area is South Shore Country Club.  This Wayne Stiles design dates all the way back to 1922. 

Raised greens and elevation changes all the hallmarks of this layout.  Choose the right club and stay below the hole if you want to score.  This is quintessential northeast target golf. 

History, character, and charm can all be found at South Shore at a reasonable price.


Weathervane Golf Club

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Weathervane Golf Club is a fun round of golf according to everyone I’ve heard from.

Rolling hills and beautiful, white sand bunkers shape this course and put a premium on ball striking. 

Even though weather can have a big impact on course conditions in this part of the country, players rave about how well-kept Weathervane is throughout the season.  That’s especially true of the greens which are fast and pure. 

One of the best kept secrets on the South Shore, don’t forego a chance to play Weathervane Golf Club.


Maynard Golf Course

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You guys know I’m a sucker for a good muni, and we haven’t talked about one in a while. 

From what I’m told, that’s exactly what you’ll find at Maynard Golf Course.

Owned and operated by its namesake city, this is another Wayne Stiles design that dates back to 1921.  In that spirit, the course is on the shorter side.  Accuracy is yet again key. 

For as much play as this course gets, I’m told it’s always in above average shape.



Braintree Municipal Golf Course

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Maybe the finest daily fee facility in the Boston area is Braintree Municipal Golf Course.  One look at this place and you’ll start salivating.  That’s what I’ve been told at least.  And I can’t say I disagree having done my own research.

A classic New England layout, Braintree’s fairways are lined by all different kinds of leaf-bearing trees.  Locals say this track is flat out beautiful in the fall. 

As seems to be a theme in the Boston area, short and straight is better than long and crooked.

The greens are small too.  Most slope back to front. 

And the best part about this place?  You can’t beat the price.

I hope you’re as excited about this track as I am.


Rockland Golf Course

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There are two courses at this facility, but the Player’s Course seems to be everyone’s favorite. 

Home to the longest par three east of the Mississippi, this course has plenty of moxy for an executive track. 

The course gets a lot of play, but it’s always in great shape and the pace moves along. 

The staff here are more than accommodating too.  They clearly want everyone to have a good time.

For a casual round with friends and family, Rockland is a great choice.


Unicorn Golf Course

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Unicorn Golf Course is considered one of the best nine-hole courses in Boston. 

Conveniently located just a 15-minute drive from downtown, this track sits atop a hill that affords memorable views of the surrounding city skyline. 

The layout features a number of holes that are out in the open and allow you to swing away.  Other holes are framed by giant oak trees and demand accuracy. 

Unicorn is an old course too.  Built in 1928, there are some quirks that you won’t find in most modern designs.  If you have a chance, play a couple of rounds here.  It takes a while to learn how the greens break and the ball bounces.



George Wright Golf Course

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Owned and operated by the city of Boston, George Wright Golf Course has been around since 1938. 

Designed by none other than Donald Ross, this course continues to be a pinnacle of public golf in the area to this day.  In 2009 Golf Digest called it the “Best Municipal Course in Massachusetts”. 

Even though the course isn’t long, it demands smart strategy and sound ball striking.  The fairways are narrow and the greens small. 

Once you get to the greens, make sure you err to the fat part of the green and stay below the hole.  The kiss of death is being above the hole or short sided on your approach.

A blast to play, it’s no wonder locals are proud to call George Wright home.



When I think of Boston, rich is the word that comes to mind.  This fine city is rich in culture, history, sports, the list goes on.  It’s also rich in quality public golf. 

Even though I’ve been fortunate enough to play a few of these tracks, there’s still many I need to check off my list.  Fortunately, a large number of our readers are quite experienced with golf in Boston.  It was with their help that we were able to compile this guide.

If you have further insights, please let us know down below in the comments. 






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