San Carlos Golf Club

6423 yrd

To this day, San Carlos Golf Club remains one of the best golf experiences in Southwest Florida.

Dating all the way back to 1971, this course is quintessential Florida golf.  Stately palm trees line the fairways and small greens have breaks that are subtle yet tricky to read.

Make sure you get here early for your round as the driving range is set in water with island greens as targets.  The experience is unlike any other and, if you manage to find a couple of greens, it could bode well for the rest of your day.  They aren’t easy to hit.

Here again, you won’t find anything overly ostentatious at San Carlos Golf Club.  What’s here instead is a wonderful experience for the golf purest.


San Carlos Golf Club

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

Founder of Golfers Authority

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