59 Belts Custom Golf Belts

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One of the greatest things about the sport of golf is the celebration of a rich history and unique craftsmanship. From clubs to accessories, golfers become enamored with the creation of beautiful shapes and precision-machined metals that have practical purpose. 59 Belts will not stop your slice or cure your putting woes; however, it may very well distinguish you or your loved one from the rest of your foursome and playing partners. 59 Belts offer consumers an outlet to immortalize moments, personal styles, or team spirit in a way that is tour-proven and only limited by your imagination. 

59 Belts Custom Golf Belts
59 Belts Custom Golf Belts


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One of the most unique items we have ever had in house at GolfersAuthority is our custom products from 59 Belts. 59 Belts is a custom design company that specializes in fully interchangeable belt buckles and genuine leather belt straps. Born out of passion for golf and the deep history it holds, 59 Belts is not limited to golf belts and can help you find the perfect belt for any occasion. For players that just want the custom buckle, any belt strap can be used. This modular design is great for layers looking for a one-of-a-kind look with the versatility beyond traditional belt wear.

59 Belts

Key Features

  • Custom buckles can be machine milled into style of your choosing and matched with a variety of straps that express your unique style and comfort preferences.  
  • Belts can be outfitted for golfers of all sizes to ensure that you have the perfect fit.  
  • 59 Belts is American owned and operated with everything done in-house for the absolute tightest quality control.  

The 59 Belts Story

Each 59 buckle is a precision CNC milled piece meant to represent the best of golf. The limitations of your buckle creation are simply your imagination. Trevor at 59 Belts has been creating buckles for golfers on the PGA Tour for over 10 years and even changed the way belt contracts were done.

59 Belts began by making custom pieces that complimented each golfer’s unique style and continued to increase in popularity as more and more professional players were exposed to their offerings. Some of the best in the world are part of the #59crew, including Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler to name a few. 59 belts grew so quickly in fact that many of the apparel sponsorships you see now include the belts of brands such as Nike and Adidas to limit players from outsourcing their belt wear to shops like 59 and others.

Shamefully, 59 Belts presence on Tour has diminished a little due to the large contracts offered to golfers for sponsorship wear but they are confident that without these in place, 59 Belts would be a staple of the PGA and other worldwide golfing tours. 59 Belts still holds an amazing prescience on the LPGA Tour and work tirelessly to create buckles that stand out and create a distinguished look.

Our Experience

59 Belts

59 Belts was kind enough to create a custom buckle for GolfersAuthority. Without question, these buckles are one of the most well-built pieces I have ever seen. Bridging the gap between functional belts and wearable accessories, 59 Belts have created a masterful process of handcrafting buckles for any occasion. 

59 Belts


59 Belts are CNC milled. Each buckle can be custom ordered with the only limitations being machine size and trademarks or copywrite restrictions. 59 Belts ship anywhere around the world and can be made to fit any body shape and size. Strap styles range in over 20 variations. Belts prices will depend on the buckle creation and your strap of choice. Orders are often received in 3-4 weeks after placement. 


A custom belt may be something that you have never thought about. 59 Belts introduced us to an outstanding artform that allows golfers and creators to combine to form unique pieces that tie your entire outfit together. A custom 59 belt will make a great gift that can be worn while out on the course and in versatile professional settings. Flawless craftsmanship and enhanced customer service make 59 Belts one of the most standout companies we have had the pleasure of working with at GolfersAuthority, and while a new belt may not help you play better golf, having a singular accessory that represent your favorite team or personal style can be a fantastic addition to any golfers collection. 


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